What Makes a Good HVAC Website and Why?

Why Should You Work on Your HVAC Site?

When it comes to getting more calls for your heating and cooling business online, your best asset will be your website. In fact, if you disregard your website you’re disregarding one of the most valuable assets of your entire business. A good website that is cared for the right way will generate tons of visits per month from Google and other search engines AND be able to convert those visitors into paying customers.

If you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t care to learn new tricks and is okay with being “average” then stop reading because you’ll be wasting your time. That being said, if you’re set on providing your area with quality HVAC service, get ready to take some notes!

  1. Make a Clear Call to Action. A Call-to-Action or CTA refers to an item that encourages a user to do something. If you take a look the top competitors in your area you’ll likely see they have buttons and links all around their site saying things like “CALL NOW FOR A FREE ESTIMATE” “Schedule an Estimate” or something along those lines. There are two kinds of CTA, the Soft CTA and Hard CTA.
  2. Include Videos if You Can. Videos are the killer weapon of SEO and online marketing. They do two VERY important things: they increase your session rate on your site, and they engage with your users so they’re more likely to take action.
  3. Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly. To test if your website is responsive, simply shrink your browser’s width as much as you can.
  4. List Your Prices (ranges). This is one that many contractors are afraid of doing. They fear that giving their prices out will show their competitors how much they’re charging and that potential customers will use it as a shopping price and go somewhere else. But here’s the thing, sharing your price range makes people feel safe!!
  5. Don’t Worry About Exact Price Tags. Now I’m not suggesting that you put your exact price, because you may change them according to the situation. What I am saying, is you should put a price range of what a service will typically cost.
  6. Create Relevant Content and Pages. Create a blog post, landing page, location page, and anything relevant to what you provide at your HVAC company.
  7. Post Photos of Your Team. When you’re hiring someone to show up at your house, or business, you want to know what they look like. Adding a face to a name helps build trust and most sites that rank high include a team photo somewhere on their site.
  8. Make Sure Your Site Load Time is Fast. A website that has a long site load time will lose visitors, period. People have such short attention spans that if your site takes longer than 5 seconds, you can forget about those users ever calling you for a job.

Need Help With Your HVAC SEO?

If you’re looking for an SEO agency to help your grow your HVAC business, then consider reaching out to us at JCSURGE. Our team works with local contractors across the United States to help them generate more phone calls and grow their online presence. We’ll walk you through exactly what can be done to improve your website, and how you can start getting more visits per month!

401 E 74th St
New York, NY 10021
Email: info@jcsurge.com
Phone: (917) 747-423

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