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The First 7 Steps to an Explosive SEO Campaign

So you’re looking to redesign your website for your business, or you’re looking to finally start an SEO campaign for your newly completed website, but where do you start? What steps should you, the SEO company or consultant you hire, be taking to ensure your website has a healthy increase in search engine visibility?

Read the full article here: The First 7 Steps to an Explosive SEO Campaign

Let’s go through the first 7 steps that any SEO campaign should have. This article will help you if you’re hiring a company like JCSURGE and simply want peace of mind knowing what you’re getting into before spending thousands of dollars. This process is exactly what we follow to ensure our clients receive the best results.

  1. Find Profitable Keywords and Phrases
  2. Competitor Research and Analysis
  3. Gather Necessary Information
  4. Technical SEO and Error Fixing
  5. Edit / Revamp Pages
  6. On-Page Optimization
  7. Buy Content and Links

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