Why Authentic Marketing is Critical for Your Business

As a small business owner you constantly need to find new ways to stand out against your competitors, in a way that is both affordable and reliable. The answer? Content marketing, but more importantly, authentic content marketing. Why? Because consumers can sniff out shady marketing faster than dogs can sniff treats. Younger consumers, specifically millennials and Gen Z, care more about a company’s values, and brand than they do the actual product according to PR Daily. Keeping authentic content such as unique blog posts, and creative videos, and setting new trends will be an important step in your business’s journey.

But why is this the case and what can you do for your business to stand out?Read the full article here: Why Authentic Marketing is Critical for Your Business

The Problem: Lack of Originality

Too often online marketing firms will suggest and even deploy copied and pasted information from across the web with slight rewordings. Have you ever noticed this when you search for something specific? The blogs and articles that appear on the first page of Google all look the same, they sound the same, and they act the same. Why? Because they ARE the same. This is one of the biggest controversies in the SEO industry.

Why Content Can Often Be Inauthentic

Short and simple, it’s to please Google on a budget.

Making original content isn’t easy. It’s incredibly time-consuming and cognitively demanding. Time and cognition are not cheap these days, so companies often don’t allocate enough of their budget to hire quality marketing teams for their business.

Why Cookie-Cutter Content Solutions Don’t Work

  • It loses trust with your audience
  • It screams desperation
  • It doesn’t show effort
  • It ruins conversions and increase bounce rates (SEO)

How to Develop Authentic Content for Your Business

  1. Start by using statistics, and research, and list your sources
  2. Create videos and or audio summaries
  3. Have downloadable content
  4. Display your prices

Get the SEO Experts at JCSURGE

If you’re looking to hire a professional SEO agency, consider reaching out to our team at JCSURGE. We work with local and national business executives across the United States to increase their search visibility.

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